A “New” Beginning…

There is a reason why menopause can and should be seen as a new beginning. After menopause, you’ll have lost 100% of your progesterone, 99% of your oestrogen and 70% of your testosterone. So, do the math. Which is the dominant hormone in your body? Testosterone… And that doesn’t just mean whiskers on your chinny chin chin! You may in fact have just as much testosterone in your body after menopause as you had in your twenties. So your sex drive may be raring to go, even if your body’s response is different.

Having more testosterone in your system than other hormones, can also mean you are on a hormonally more level playing-field with men. You may feel less impulse to nurture others, if that has been important before, and more desire to push ahead and conquer the world!

So men may discover more of their emotions as testosterone converts to oestrogen in their bodies as they age, but we may be less encumbered by ours.


When women over forty were surveyed about what they like most about the age they are, they talked of being more self-confident, calmer, more free, having perspective and wisdom.

At the same time, they hated the idea of becoming invisible and continued to crave learning more about the world, and finding more purpose and meaning in their lives. Far-sightedness, thinning hair and lower metabolism are certainly frustrating, but those affect both men and women, so they really can’t be blamed on the menopause! Changing how we feel and finding the “pausitivity” in menopause could almost certainly help us to embrace this new beginning.

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