Liberating living and loving Menopausitivity!

The Loving Menopausitivity™ Package - $697.00

In addition to the Loving Menopausitivity™ Course, you will receive two sixty-minute coaching sessions, identify effective strategies for you, and guide you through the uncertain times. Creating a path to a thriving life and being a better version of yourself.

The Loving Menopausitivity™ Course - $597.00

Loving Menopausitivity™ was created for you, the woman whose best years are just beginning. You will learn strategies to manage your menopausal symptoms in a graceful and natural way.

The Loving Menopausitivity™ course is designed to help perimenopausal and menopausal women prepare for and manage their menopausal symptoms and the transition from struggling and surviving to healthy and thriving and achieve “Menopausitivity™” which is being strong, healthy, sexy, and thriving during menopause and loving yourself, and living your best life.

Loving Menopausitivity™ - Being the Best Version of Yourself - $27.00

We will focus on how to prepare for and manage the mental and emotional elements that come with all of the menopausal symptoms – addressing the stigma around menopause, dealing with limiting beliefs about menopause and living your best life.

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